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Top 10 Best Water Sports of Marine Attractions in Bali Part 2

While you are visiting Bali, the main things you should not forget to visit are the beaches. There are many tourist attractions in Bali, but the most popular one is Beaches. You will get many kinds of beaches there and do some activities well. Besides you can get the marine attractions in Bali, there are some water sports you can do in the beach as well.

If you are boring with the sunbathing or just enjoying the beach, you can do the water sports which you can do in these beaches. You just have to decide what kind of water sports you would like to do in your visitation. There are some of top 10 best water sports of marine attractions in Bali part 2 which you can choose:

  1. Sea Walking. It is a kind of water sport which can make you able to walk in the seabed. It is one of activities you should try in Bali because it allows you to see the beautiful underwater of colorful marine life and coral reef gardens. You should use helmet while doing this activity to ensure you can get enough oxygen in the deep of sea.
  2. Flyboarding and Water Jetpacks. The water jetpacks water sports make you can able to levitate for up to 10 meters. You just have to know how to controls and understand well how does the thing work to ensure you can use it well. You just have to follow the guidance from the guide of this water sports to ensure that you will be okay. Either you can enjoy the flyboarding which can lit you up and see the view of surrounding beaches which give you perfect view from the height.
  3. It may not be as popular as regular surfing but you still can enjoy this kind of water sports if you want to try it. It is the combination of surfing with few elements of wakeboarding and also a bit of kite flying. You can practice this water sport before and you can get fly over waves effortlessly and gracefully.
  4. If you want to try this kind of water sports, you can try to go to Wake Park which can provide you the best place for to do this sport well. You can hone your tricks in series of obstacles and slides in this park. No matter what if you haven’t did it yet because there are many courses available for you.
  5. Flying Fish and Banana Boat. If you want to get experience in airtime, you can try the Flaying Fish or you can try Banana Boat which you can do with your own group to manage your board whether it can hang on or being flipped over. It will be your exciting way in spending up your time in this Bali Island.

Those are some of top 10 best water sports of marine attractions part 2 which you can try before leaving this Island well, or you can feel so regret not to try one or some of those water sports.

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